The Solution

The Solution


  • Fresh, quality concrete and other cementitious products, on demand as and where needed
  • Expert knowledge to determine the perfect mix design to suit your requirements
  • Cost effective method, saving you money and time
  • Dedicated service to your site
  • Consistent production capability
  • Specialized, manoeuvrable concrete mixers, suitable for all terrains


The size of the project determines the type and amount of equipment required and also the mix & move price, per cube, for the different products.

All raw materials are supplied by the client and we quote our mix & move rate per cube, for the different products required, once we have all required information.

We will do a comparison of these costs to your current costs for the same products in order to help you to determine your potential savings. These direct savings are only a part of your benefits. Our plant, personnel and equipment is dedicated to your project and to serve your needs. With that comes many other, sometimes unquantifiable, efficiencies.