Since our establishment in 2009, Matpro has become a major contributor to the cost-effective management of quality construction.

We offer site based profitability, through technology. Our specialty lies in a combination of equipment, software and skills that allow concrete, mortar, plaster and screed to be mixed and moved on the development site, timeously and cost effectively.Our work method and product has been tried and tested. We guarantee quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our site based solutions are structured in a 5-step system:

  • Water, construction chemicals and cement is loaded into the concrete mixer according to the mix design.
  • Required aggregates are loaded with a 900 litre scoop.
  • Slump is checked and final adjustments if necessary is made to mix. Concrete mixer drives to the designated area while still mixing.
  • Concrete mixer discharges at designated area. The designated area can be a foundation, a slab, a concrete bucket on a telehandler for distribution into multilevel buildings or into mortar buckets.
  • Concrete mixer returns to plant to mix new batch.


We use specialized, purpose built, all-wheel drive Concrete Mixers with self-loading capability and electronic weighing systems on all Matpro work sites. These concrete mixers are fully mobile batch plants on wheels. You don’t need a batch plant. However, our method is adaptable to be used in conjunction with a batch plant.

Included in our service is technical backup from an expert technical workshop and mobile teams. In the rare event of a possible breakdown of a concrete mixer (or telehandler), we guarantee minimum downtown in operation. Our technicians are ready to assist with any necessary repairs. If needed, we will provide a replacement mixer as soon as possible.

          Click here to download the Matpro process